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Are you tired of being broke and feeling trapped in your finances?

Are you missing out on the life you’d imagined because you’re so deeply in debt you can’t focus on anything else?

Me too.

I get it.

I wish I could give you a hug. I wish I had the power to erase that anxious feeling in the pit of your stomach every time you have to pay a bill you aren’t sure you have money for.

Unfortunately, I can’t.

Only you have the power to break free from the chians of debt.

But…I can teach you how to break free from debt without hating your life or killing your creative soul in the process.

In fact, your creativity is your biggest assest, your key to debt freedom.

Here’s Proof

They say that opposites attract and in every relationship you have a nerd (money-minded person) and a free spirit (a creative mind). Somehow, my husband and I missed that memo. We both operate more on the creative side. So, we got married, enjoyed life, and never once thought about money management.

Three years into our life together, we became a family of three. That little boy rocked our world. Suddenly, we were parents, in charge of the well-being of another person.

To make a long story short (you can read the long version here), after hitting rock bottm and realizing we had to change. So, I signed us up for Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. We started budgeting, living within our means, and working like maniacs to pay off our debt.

Creativity Saved Our Butts

I taught myself to DIY everything from yogurt to laundry soap and began freelance wiritng to earn extra money. My husband starting taking on extra welding jobs on the weekend. We leveraged our creativity to save money and earn more and the snowball started rolling…

Breaking Free

16 months later, we have paid off around $20,000 in debt, had $10,000 forgiven, avoided $15,000, paid cash for a car, and survived several life emergencies without a credit card. (Sorry those were a lot of numbers…bear with me.) That’s $38,000 worth of debt that we destroyed in a little over a year.

We realized that although we aren’t money people, we can still succeed financially. (And, p.s., so can you.)

You see, creativity is not a financial curse, it is an asset. Your creativiy is your road to success.

Anyone can succeed financially.

That includes you. You have lived in chains long enough. It’s time to be free.

Are you ready to make your creative mind your biggest asset and say goodbye to debt for good?


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I want to be a Creative Money Master!!


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